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Mobility In Spain in a nutshell

Utworzono dnia 30.11.2022

On early morning on Sunday, 16 October we started our adventure in Spain. We visited the beautiful capital city – Madrid and met our mates from different countries.

We started day 2 with a visit to a Spanish school and then ate churros with chocolate.

On day 3 we presented the results of work (My school is like), visited Burgos cathedra (wow! – what a wonderful place!) and the Museum of Evolution.

On day 4 we went to Bilbao on a Day trip. We saw the stadium and explored the Guggenheim Museum. Later we went up the hill with funicular railway and admired a wonderful view of the city.

On day 5 we made a gratitude tree, received certificates and had a dance festival. It was fun because we danced traditional dances from different countries. Later in the evening we went to the bowling alley. It was a long day but so much fun.

On day 6 we had to say goodbye to our friends and we came back to Poland.

Mobility In Spain in a nutshell

Utworzono dnia 30.11.2022, 18:07


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