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The second day of virtual mobility

Utworzono dnia 30.03.2022

On March 29, 2022 the project group started the meeting with the game "Who likes ..." as well as a dance show presented to an Italian group. Wow!

The next part was already intense, serious work on the "SPOT and STOP Emotional School Dropout" project together with other project participants who came to Turkey. Despite the difficult issue, the knowledge related to the topic has been systematized, the definition is clear. We also managed to work on the reasons and ways of solving "dropping out of school education". After intensive work, one thing is certain ... The most important thing is to feel good at school! And it's probably true, as you could see the satisfied faces of the meeting participants and entries in the diary, summarizing each day of mobility. Undoubtedly, it is also a spontaneously made movie about the school, which can be viewed on TikTok.

We invite you to watch it, because it's worth it! See for yourselves!


Utworzono dnia 30.03.2022, 17:24


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