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The last day of mobility

Utworzono dnia 05.04.2022

Friday, April 1, 2022 was the last stop on our virtual mobility route. A lot happened! A very intense program awaited both us and our partners in Italy, as well as participants located in Turkey. Gratitude trees were the first item on the list. We prepared our thoughts about what we thank the...

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Utworzono dnia 01.04.2022

Thursday, March 31, 2022 welcomed us with snow and biting coldness, but the atmosphere at school was really hot. Day 4 started with amazing artistic impressions prepared by the hosts for the mobility participants. On the screen, in front of us, a huge assembly hall appeared with a stage on which...

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The third day of mobility

Utworzono dnia 01.04.2022

"We miss you" - this slogan was with the project group during the 3rd day of virtual mobility. The main task was to write a script, and then to play and shoot scenes showing emotions about the school. It turned out to be quite a challenge, because there were plenty of ideas ......

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The second day of virtual mobility

Utworzono dnia 30.03.2022

On March 29, 2022 the project group started the meeting with the game "Who likes ..." as well as a dance show presented to an Italian group. Wow! The next part was already intense, serious work on the "SPOT and STOP Emotional School Dropout" project together with other...

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We are starting an international meeting!

Utworzono dnia 29.03.2022

A loud ‘HELLO!’ has started the 1st day of mobility within ERASMUS + project "SPOT and STOP Emotional School Dropout".  Project activities have been going on online for more than a year and also involve students from our partner countries: Turkey, Italy, Spain,...

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Dzień portugalski

Utworzono dnia 15.02.2022

W ramach projektu Erasmus + SPOT and STOP Emotional School Dropout uczniowie poznawali bliżej Portugalię. Tym razem najciekawsze informacje przygotowały klasy 7 i 8 pracując w grupach. Dowiedzieliśmy się więcej o kulturze, zabytkach, ale również ciekawostkach dotyczących tego...

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