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Mobility In Spain in a nutshell

Utworzono dnia 30.11.2022
On early morning on Sunday, 16 October we started our adventure in Spain. We visited the beautiful capital city – Madrid and met our mates from different countries. We started day 2 with a visit to a Spanish school and then ate churros with chocolate. On day 3 we presented the results...
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Utworzono dnia 30.11.2022
It was a perfect moment to disseminate our project. We prepared a conference for the highest grades and talked about our activities. Students watched the film from Italian mobility and played a Kahoot game about our partner countries. We also prepared some traditional Italian food. It was fun for...
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An unusual parade!

Utworzono dnia 30.11.2022
On 28 September, our school corridors were full of of heroes from the books written by our patron, Kornel Makuszyński. There were monkeys, goats and other characters. Oh, it was such an impressive parade! And of course our Goatee was there too!
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Festival of Art And Science

Utworzono dnia 30.11.2022
We participated in the Festival of Art And Science. We expanded our knowledge about journalism, we took part in interesting lectures about Sri Lanka and France. The meeting was very inspiring and interesting, we had a great time there.
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European Day of Languages 2022!

Utworzono dnia 30.11.2022
Our project group educated children about our partner countries – capital cities and partner cities. They also got to know the basic greetings in different languages. Later a group of students watched the conference about European Day of Languages 2022 which was broadcast live from the...
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Youth Conference about European Union

Utworzono dnia 30.11.2022

We took part in The Youth Conference about EU. We had a chance to listen to the lectures in English and speak during team work. It was a nice time!


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